What is the cost of paolita swimwear and bluebella lingerie

Paolita Swimwear is one of the most popular swimwear brands. Many women were stunned by its designs and the way it helps the women body to look Sexy, unique, stylish and fashionable paolita is one of the best and most sold swimwear models. On the other hand the poirier lingerie such as a low back strapless bra is totally different story. Offering great amount of models, bras, tongs all available for different price at different distributors.

These two brands of swimwear and lingerie became really searched and liked in recent years. If you are one of them and you want to buy a new piece of such lingerie, then you must know that Paolita swimwear costs somewhere around £150-250 depending the type of swimwear you choose. Whether it is a new model or an existing one. Whether it is a whole bikini or only one part etc.

On the other hand the Bluebella has different type of lingerie so the price differs for each one. The bras cost from £15 and go up to £40 depending the model and materials used in that bra. Additionally, the panties also cost at least £20, so the minimal cost is somewhere around £40, which is not much knowing that you are buying from one of the best lingerie producers in the UK.

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